My Bowling Line- DNA Group 3 & 5

I am a direct  descendants of the early Bollings/ Bowlings (along with misc. spellings) of Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and surrounding area’s.  The origin of the family came from England.

My DNA group is family group three and five. I have several set of cousins that inter-married.

Like many Bowling researcher, my brick wall is of course, Benjamin Bolling of Flat Gap, Va. The Bolling Family Association who has done one of the largest DNA studies has not been able to prove his relation to the English Bollings as of yet. Who his parent were is still a mystery!

The information posted below is presumed to be accurate at this time, with the pending exception and mystery of Benjamin Bolling. Every effort to be accurate, and to properly source the information has been made on my part. This website I am sharing is for my personal use of my own family research, but it is interesting enough to share with those who are interested.

Benjamin Bolling was born June 30, 1734 and died January 10,1832 in Flat Gap, Wise County, Virginia. He married Patty Phelps on June 20,1753 in Albermarle County, Virginia. Patty was born in 1736 in Albermarle County. Patty died on March 8, 1767 during childbirth with her daughter Elizabeth, in Rowan County, North Carolina. Benjamin later married Charity Larimore in 1768. Charity was born in 1734, and died in Flat Gap Wise County, Virginia. She was buried along side of Benjamin Bolling. This is where the brick wall usually starts for the Bowling DNA Group 5. It is fascinating to know that my families humble beginnings began in Wise county area of Virginia, and my daughter graduated from UVA at Wise almost four hundred years later. She thought it was very cool to know that the area to this day is flooded with Bowlings, our Kinfolk!

Rev. Jessie Bowling was born on May 22, 1758 in Orange, Hillsboro, North Carolina and died March 10,1841 in Quicksand Creek, Breathitt County Kentucky. He married first Polly Green, in 1776 in Wilkes County , Va. and she died just two years later, they had no children. He later married Mary Elizabeth Pennington on January 6, 1785 in Wilkes County North Carolina. She is the daughter of Micajah Pennington and Nancy Jones. Mary was born on November 18,1765 in Grayson County, Va and died March 21, 1843 in Quicksand Creek, Breathitt County Kentucky. Together Jessie and Mary had 11 children.

Elijah “Lige” Bowling, son of Rev. Jessie Bowling was born on January 22, 1798 in Lee County, Va. and died on October 20, 1883 in Laurel County, KY. Lige married Susannah “Sookie” Roberts on March 18, 1819 in Clay County, Ky. Sookie was the daughter of Jesse Roberts and Nancy Anderson. She was born 1800 in Va.

Jesse Boyd Bowling, the son of  Elijah Bowling  and Susan Baker Born in 1830 had a son Jason Walker Baker Bowling, who was born on July 15, 1848 and died on February 25, 1911 in Fogertown, Clay County, Ky. Oral history in our family says that Jesse and Susan were not married when Jason, (some spellings are Jacient) was born. Susan’s father took the baby and told  Jesse that he better do right by the baby and so he then later married Susan and they raised Jason together.

Susan Baker was born on 2 Jun 1830 in Buffalo, Owsley Co, KY and died on 18 Apr 1867 in Homeplace On Burton Fork Of Long’s Creek, Breathitt Co, KY at age 36.
General Notes:  Before Susan married ‘Preacher’ Bob Burton, she had a first child born out-of-wedlock. His father was Jesse B Bowling. The child was named Jason Baker and was on 1 census of Owsley County. John Hammond Baker, Susan’s father, took Jason to Nicholasville, Ky and adopted him to his father at the age of 1 month old. See court document, Nicholasville, KY. Jason was renamed Jason Walker Bowling. (See John J Dickey Diaries). Jason became a United States Federal Marshall. He married Kettie Bowling.
Susan married Jesse B Bowling, son of Elijah ‘Lige’ Bowling and Susannah Roberts, in Owsley Co, KY. Jesse was born on 14 Jan 1822 in Perry Co, Ky, died on 14 Sep 1878 in Laurel Co, KY at age 56, and was buried in Bowling Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY.

Jason Walker Bowling was the father to my great-grandfather Albert Sidney Bowling. Jason married Kettie Bowling, daughter of Christopher Bowling and Elizabeth Cornett. She was born on January 5, 1854 and died June 11, 1916.  I have notes that say that Jason later had a  child Chester Bowling with  a Hampton woman,  while he was still married to Kettie. In fact, I was told by a cousin that Chester lived with Jason and Kettie from the age of two years old, up until the year that Jason died in 1911. I do not know where Chester went to live after Jason died, but I do know that Kettie lived for an additional five years after Jason passed. I will update more facts when I find them.

Albert Sidney Bowling married Callie Bell Spicer, who was the daughter of Anderson R. Bowling, “Big Ance” and Nancy E. Baker. They were not married when Callie was born on March 15, 1878 and died on June 20, 1921. According to the 1880 federal census, Callie’s mother Nancy was married to Sutton Moore, and on the census Sutton, aka as Elijah, was listed as her father. Nancy married Big Ance a few years later, and had a few more children. Anderson was married to a Hacker, and the oral history of their family states that Anderson had two boys with Ms. Hacker, and he took the boys and she never saw them again. Albert died on December 13, 1922 of pulmonary Tuberculosis. Callie had preceded him by six months, it is unknown to me how Callie died, for I am still trying to locate her death certificate as well as where she lived when she died. I am assuming that it is Kentucky for she is buried in Kentucky, but on find a grave she is listed as Dalla Bowling instead of Calla.

Albert and Callie were cousins, Elijah Bowling had two sons, Jesse who was on the paternal side and Delaney who was on the maternal side. Jesse and Delaney were brothers.

Albert’s parents had 9 children, Margaret, Eliza, John, Lucinda, Albert, Jesse, Amanda,Taylor and Chester. I have notes that lead me to believe that Chester may be the son of the Ms. Hampton  and Jason Walker Bowling, mentioned earlier. Kettie  had her children ranged from 1873 to 1885, and Chester was born in 1896 making that an eleven year span between the last two.

Albert and Callie Bowling had 5 children, Earl, Thomas, Maude, Nancy  and Wilson Pershing Bowling. Wilson the baby was born in 1919, and was the baby of the family. When Callie got sick, and died; Albert only survived for six months afterwards. I was told that the children were split up, and Wilson “Wick”, my grandfather was sent to an orphanage in Ohio, where his sister Maude worked. Maud died at the age of 27 years old from TB as well, like her father. So I am only assuming that Callie died from it as well. I do not know why Albert’s brothers and sister’s did not step in to care for the children, you would have thought that they would have. I was told by family members that Albert’s brother Taylor did not do much to help the children.

I was told by my grandmother Rhoda Massey Bowling who was married to Wilson Pershing Bowling “Wick” two separate times that the Bowling’s in Kentucky were “dirt poor.” I do also know that the Bowling men were heavy consumers of Alcohol.

When I take the time to research my family members, I am not just looking for names and dates, I am looking to find out who they were, what kind of personalities did they have? Where they good people? Kind, compassionate, etc…

Hope you enjoy my story!


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