John Jay Dickey Diary 1897

Dickey Diary  DICKEY DIARY  Pg 1929Nov. 6, 1897An amusing incident occurred at Mr. Roack's, a mill man near town thisafternoon.  He was drinking and had a smothering spell.  I was standing nearthe house talking to Mr. Lee Callahan, a carpenter and builder, about theBenge Church.  Mrs. Roarck saw me and sent for me.  She met me …

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The Bowling Name in History

These stats were gathered after I read the book, "The Bowling Name in History" by Ancestry. I have listed some of the most interesting numbers: The Bowling Name in HistoryTimeline in History1840- 110 Bowling Families with most living in Kentucky. (21).1861-1865- 163 Bowling Union Soldiers and 358 Confederate Soldiers.1880- Top Bowling US Occupations- Keeping house, …

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Jason Walker Bowling interview with John J. Dickey Diary.

Jason Walker BOLLING, Benge [Clay Co], Kentucky, June 15, 1898. Dr. John J. Dickey Diary, Fleming County, Ky. Recorded in the 1870's and beyond. Reprinted inKentucky Explorer, Volume 10, No 4 - September, 1995. p. 86)My great grandfather, Jesse BOLLING, came to Kentucky in 1810. My grandfather, Elijah BOLLING was born at the Three Forks …

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