Elijah "Lige" Bowling Notes

 Elijah ‘Lige’ Bowling was born on 22 Jan 1801 in Lee Co, VA, died on 20 Oct 1883 at age 82, and was buried in Bowling Cemetery, Green mount, Laurel County, KY.

General Notes: As per Harley Bowling’s “Bowling’s of Eastern Kentucky” Elijah Bowling was born on the Three Forks of the Powell River in Lee County, VA; and came to Kentucky with his father, Rev Jesse Bowling around 1809. Elijah is buried in the Bowling Cemetery, Green mount, Laurel Co, KY, near the Laurel/ Jackson County line off Hwy 30. Elijah was married three times. First on 3/18/1819 , to Susannah Roberts. Susannah’s parents were Jesse and Nancy Ander son Roberts, were also from Lee Co, VA. They settled in the Red Bird River territory of Clay Co around 1810. Elijah and Susannah had eight children before her death.

Elijah married 2nd on 11/13/ 1843 to Mary Ann Cobb when he was 42 years of age. Mary Ann Cobb Bowling and Elijah had five children before she died on the Middle Fork of the Kentucky River at the age of 40 years old  on 8/ 5/1858.

Elijah’s 3rd wife Nancy Ann Bryant was born on  3 /15/ 1824 was the widow of James Centers of Morgan County, Kentucky. Elijah was 58 and Nancy Ann age 36 when they were married at Elijah’s home on the Middle Fork on 9 /20/1859. Nancy Ann died on May 21, 1904. There were no children from this marriage.

The history of Perry County shows that Elijah was an early Justice of the Peace and served a two year term as Sheriff 1844 – 1846.

Elijah, like his brothers was involved in buying / selling land.

200 acres – 19 May 1836 North Fork, Kentucky River Perry County

300 acres – 5 June 1840 Bowling’s Branch Perry County

400 acres – 31 Sept 1846 Middle Fork, Kentucky River Perry County

The 1849 tax list of Breathitt County shows

650 acres Crockettsville

50 acres Turkey Creek

Elijah and his family were residents of Breathitt County after its formation with the exception of his son, Elijah Bowling, Jr. He and the rest of h is family moved to Jackson County after the Civil War ended. His grandson n, Jason Walker Bowling states in the Dickey Diary that his grandfather, Elijah was baptized by Rev Daniel Duff. Jason further states that Elijah left Kentucky during the Civil War and stayed with his Uncle, David Penning ton in Lee County, Virginia.

Elijah and his family found a new home in Jackson County near his relatives in the Moore and Terrill’s Creek area off Hwy 20 near the Jackson / Laurel County line. He and his wife, Nancy became members of the United Baptist Church of Mt Pleasant in Laurel County in 1867. A large number of their family also became members of the same church.

Elijah married Susannah Roberts, daughter of Jesse Roberts and Nancy Anderson, on 18 Mar 1819. Susannah was born in 1799 in Clay Co, KY and died in 1850 in Clay Co, KY at age 51.

Children from this marriage were:

+21F  i. Chaney Bowling was born on 10 Mar 1820 in Breathitt Co, KY. +22M ii. Jesse B Bowling was born on 14 Jan 1822 in Perry Co, Ky, died on 14 Sep 1878 in Laurel Co, KY at age 56, and was buried in Bowling Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY.    

+23 M iii. Delaney Bowling was born on 7 Nov 1823

+24 M iv. William Robert Bowling was born in 1826 in Breathitt Co, KY and died before 1863.

+25 M v. Elijah Bowling Jr was born on 29 Feb 1828 in Clay Co, KY and died on 17 Feb 1908 in Stamper’s Fork, Canoe, Breathitt Co, KY at age 79.

26 F vi. Nancy Jane Bowling was born about 1829 in Perry Co, Ky.

Nancy married Larkin Murrell. Larkin was born in 1826.

27 M vii. Elisha Bowling was born on 23 Jun 1831 in Lee Co, VA.

Elisha married Elvira Crawford. Elvira was born on 24 Feb 1838.
Most of this information was given to me by one of the greatest researchers that ever lived, Harley Tucker Bowling. RIP my cousin, you are missed!

Jason Walker Bowling Interview with John Jay Dickey 1898

Dr. John J. Dickey Diary, Fleming County, Ky. Recorded in the 1870’s and
beyond. Reprinted in Kentucky Explorer, Volume 10, No 4 – September,
1995. p. 86. By permission. Clay County.

Benge, Kentucky, June 15, 1898.

My great grandfather, Jesse Bolling, came to Kentucky in 1810. My
grandfather, Elijah Bolling was born at the Three Forks of Powell River in
Lee Co., Virginia in 1798, and when he was 12 years old his father removed
to Perry Co., Ky. Daniel Duff baptized by great-grandfdather, Elijah
Bolling. Rev. Andrew Baker baptized by great-grandfather at Blackwater
Church, now Hawkins County, Tenn. My great-great grandfather was Major
John Bolling. He had 19 sons. I do not know that there were any
daughters. One of these sons, William Bolling married Martha Jefferson,
sister of Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States. Other sons
were, Jesse, above mentioned, Benjamin the oldest born in 1752 or 3.
Jesse was born 1765. Roberta the wife of U. S. Senator Archibald Dixon,
was the daughter of Dilaney Bolling of Missouri and the granddaughter of
Major John Bolling, aforesaid. Gov. John Young Brown’s wife was a
daughter of Archibald Dixon. (Roger Cornett, son of the original William
Cornett built the house where Hamp. Coldiron lives, in 1802, he married
Zilpha Callahan. This makes the date of the Cornett’s coming to Kentucky
1796-1799 probable. Men from Crug’s Ferry at mouth of Sexton were at the
raising. Roger Cornett was into slaves and land. He owned the Coleman
Survey, patented in 1783 of 5,600 acres.)

There are some Bollings in western Kentucky. One went to Congress
some years ago, perhaps 1870 or 1872. The first Bolling who came to
America was Colonel Robert Bolling of London, England. I think old Cava
Baker made the rhyme on the “Cattle War,” I have always heard it that way.
Old Julius Bob Baker and William Neal were in St. Clair’s defeat. Baker
held a Major’s Commission. They are both buried at Buffalo, Owsley,
County. Neal requested to be buried beside Baker. John Gilbert and John
Amis married sisters of James Bowling [sic]. From Eli, John (grandfather
of Judge Josiah Comb’s wife), Christopher, William, Joseph, Nancy
(Sizemore) another sister of these, have descended most of the Bollings in
Clay County. Jesse Bolling, my great grandfather married Mary Pennington
of Lee County, Va. He was born in North Carolina at Hillsboro. His
father was born in Virginia. David Pennington, her brother, was living
during the War of the Rebellion. My grandfather, Elijah Bolling stayed
with him in Lee Co. during the late war. Jesse Bolling had ten children
as follows: Hannah mararied Huff; Mary married Abram Barger; Justice
married ??; John married Polly Lewis; Jesse married Lewis for his second
wife; William married a daughter of Daniel Duff; Elijah married Roberts;
George married Lewis; a daughter married Joseph Spencer; Betsey married
Abel Pennington; another married Maggard; another died single. A. P. Hill
and Basil Duke married sisters of John Morgan. His mother was the
daughter of John Hunt, the first millionaire in Kentucky. Dr. Foster of
Kentucky was reared by Mrs. Hunt.