John Jay Dickey Diary 1897

Dickey Diary  DICKEY DIARY  Pg 1929Nov. 6, 1897An amusing incident occurred at Mr. Roack's, a mill man near town thisafternoon.  He was drinking and had a smothering spell.  I was standing nearthe house talking to Mr. Lee Callahan, a carpenter and builder, about theBenge Church.  Mrs. Roarck saw me and sent for me.  She met me …

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John Rolfe, Pocahontas, and their son Thomas

 Pocahontas and FamilyOur understanding of the Powhatan and surrounding Native-American peoples is derived primarily from archaeology and the writings of early European explorers and settlers. By about 1300 AD, the tribes of the Coastal Plain lived in semi- sedentary villages supported by small hunting and gathering camps. Increasing reliance on horticulture focused the location of …

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Rulers of Jerusalem- Boulogne Family (Bolling Family).

I cannot recall the original source of this information, but I have attached all that I had in hopes that interested parties can research further on this subject matter. The Bolling/ Bowling and various spellings have thought to have had their surname changed many times. The original spelling is thought to have been Boulogne, De …

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The Bowling Name in History

These stats were gathered after I read the book, "The Bowling Name in History" by Ancestry. I have listed some of the most interesting numbers: The Bowling Name in HistoryTimeline in History1840- 110 Bowling Families with most living in Kentucky. (21).1861-1865- 163 Bowling Union Soldiers and 358 Confederate Soldiers.1880- Top Bowling US Occupations- Keeping house, …

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Bowlingtown, Kentucky–A Lost Communiy, but not Forgtten

Interesting article on Bowlingtown, I never noticed that my blog was used as an original source for her article.

Our Unbounded Heritage: 12th Century & Beyond

This post tells the story of the Bowling’s/Boling’s and Bowlingtown– a story as viewed by ancestors and living relatives; it includes a famous colonizer; a single woman’s efforts to keep Bowlingtown and its families on the map and in our memories; and, a local newspaper’s documentary about them all.

A Brief History

Image:  Bowlingtown Main St. 1910 Bowlingtown Main St. 1910

Daniel Boone, the Great American Pioneer, used his daring, wood-craft, and “wilderness scout” skills and experiences to open up the landscape and colonize Kentucky for his family and other settlers that founded Bowlingtown like the Bowling, Boling,  Barger, Begley, Combs, Duff, Hacker, Rice, and West families.

Image: Buckhorn Lake Buckhorn Lake

Bowlingtown was a thriving community of hundreds that once prospered where Buckhorn Lake state park now stands. After several years efforts (1995-1999), by Jewell Gordon, one of the last residents’ of Bowlingtown, a plaque now appears at the front of the Buckhorn Lodge that reads:

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