Callahan Family Notes

  Revolutionary War records 1782 Washington Co. VA-Capt. Fulkison Precinct Personal Property List: Edward Callahan: Horses 13, Cattle 10, 400 acres on North side of n. fork of Holstein. Actual settlement made in 1774. Listed on Washington Co., VA Surveyors Record 1781-1797. Nov. 29, 1794 Rockingham County, NC Land Deed . Deed book D:231 Ezekiel …

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Migration Patterns

This is another great article in case you run into a brick wall and wonder where your family members could have gone. MIGRATION PATTERNS   Since the first white settlers moved into Kentucky in the late eighteenth century, migration has been primarily responsible for the distribution of the state's residents and has shaped the age-sex …

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John Jay Dickey Diaries. “Ghosts of Kentucky, Volume 1 Supplement.”

The Following are Abstracts taken from the John Jay Dickey Diaries. “Ghosts of Kentucky, Volume 1 Supplement.”Baker, Rev of the M.E. ChurchRoll 3 Pg 1602 1 Jan 1896 Baker, Mr. A.C.A young lawyer from Covington.  On YMCA Committee.Roll 1 Pg 150,265,423 Feb 1884 / 29 Mar 1885           Jackson Baker, A.W.On town board, his brother and brother-in-law are …

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Activist and writer Michael Harrington (1928–1989) published The Other America: Poverty in the United States in 1962. Read by President Kennedy and many others, this highly influential book argued that despite America’s apparent postwar prosperity, tens of millions of Americans were stuck in desperate poverty. The Other America spurred many of the domestic policy initiatives …

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Bowlingtown, Kentucky–A Lost Communiy, but not Forgtten

Interesting article on Bowlingtown, I never noticed that my blog was used as an original source for her article.

Our Unbounded Heritage: 12th Century & Beyond

This post tells the story of the Bowling’s/Boling’s and Bowlingtown– a story as viewed by ancestors and living relatives; it includes a famous colonizer; a single woman’s efforts to keep Bowlingtown and its families on the map and in our memories; and, a local newspaper’s documentary about them all.

A Brief History

Image:  Bowlingtown Main St. 1910 Bowlingtown Main St. 1910

Daniel Boone, the Great American Pioneer, used his daring, wood-craft, and “wilderness scout” skills and experiences to open up the landscape and colonize Kentucky for his family and other settlers that founded Bowlingtown like the Bowling, Boling,  Barger, Begley, Combs, Duff, Hacker, Rice, and West families.

Image: Buckhorn Lake Buckhorn Lake

Bowlingtown was a thriving community of hundreds that once prospered where Buckhorn Lake state park now stands. After several years efforts (1995-1999), by Jewell Gordon, one of the last residents’ of Bowlingtown, a plaque now appears at the front of the Buckhorn Lodge that reads:

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