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My name is Traci Pollard. I am an avid lover of Genealogy! I have been researching both maternal and paternal sides of my family. Some of the surnames that I am researching  and related to are as follows: Bowling, Bolling, Baker, Amis, Spicer, Sparks, Cornett, Combs, Pennington, Baugess, Perry, Mundy, Massey, Hostetler, Chastain, Sterns, West, Randolph, Cooke Nichols, Edwards, Marsh, and many, many more.

My family settled in Virginia, North Caroline, New York, Massachusetts, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida and many other states.

Another passion that I have outside of genealogy, and history, is Bible Study, Women’s Ministry, Prayer Groups, Grief and Addiction are interests as well.

I am currently an elementary school teacher and author. Please feel free to contact me via email at or on Facebook I am Traci Lynn Pollard.







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