Story of Tristram De Bolling

Son of Robert Bolling and Isabel Thornton; m. 1446 Beatrice Claverly and was father of Rosamund who married Richard Tempest ; m. Ellen and was father of Edward. He fought with his father in the lost cause at Towton in 1461. Survived the aftermath by living with in-laws until his father died. He bequeathed the majority of his estate to his daughter Rosamund, leaving a small percentage to the rightful heir, Edward; thus began the decline of the British Bollings.

He declined knighthood just prior to his death.

Tristram Bolling, the eldest son of Robert Bolling, the attainted possessor of Bolling Hall, married Beatrice, dauhter of Sir Walter Calverley, of Calverley. He was a man of great courage, and was most loyal to the Lancastrian party, so much so that he appears to have idolized Henry VI.  In his behalf he fought alongside his father at Towton, but, being young, escaped further consequences than the disastrous defeat of his party. He died at Chellow, near Manningham, leaving an heiress, Rosamund, who had become the wife of Sir Richard Tempest of Bracewell. 

Will of Tristram Bolling of Chellow
April 7, 1502. Proved August 2.
“I, Tristram Bolling, of Chellow, to be buried in the high quere of my parish church of Bradforth, and I bequeath in honour of my mortuary my best horse wt. sadyll & brydll, jake , salet, bowe and harnes, sword and bockler, as I went to the war.  I bequeath unto the aulter of Synt Kateryn afore the image of King Henry the VI. one vestment with albe preist. iiijd. To one priest for saying for my saule xxs . and li. wax to be brend upon my sepulture, and iiijd. for the wast of every torch burning about my body the day of my buryall. To every man beyryng me to the church iiijd . I will yt all my manners, lands & c., being my inheritance after the decease of Robert Bolling my fader or any other tytll of right hereafter remayne after my decease unto Richard Tempest and Rosamunde my daughter and wife unto the said Richard and to ther heyrs forever more. I will that my wife Elyne during her live have a yearly rent for her third sout of my said maners, &c. To my son Edward Bolling all my lands purchased in the town of Bradford except a messe. and one tenement lying beside the parich chirch, which I wil l remayn unto Thos. Tempest, son of Richard Tempest aforesa id. To the said Thos. Tempest one messe som tyme in the hol dynge of Alison Dyn-Gurd. To John Tempest, son unto ye said Richard Tempest, one tenement called Rowley and one tenem ent in Thornton beside Bradford newly bylded. I wyll that E dwd. Robertshaw take half a coile pytt at Clayton dewring one yere, and my wyff the other half, and then the said coil e pytt to remayne to the forsaid Rich. Tempest and hys wyff . I order as executors Nicholas Tempest, Edward Bollynge, a nd Cudberd Lenthrope, my son Richard Tempest being supervis eare.
Giffen at Chellow. Pro. 3 June 1502.”
The estates of Tristram Bolling comprised the manors of Bol ling and Thornton, and lands in Little Bolling, Bradford, C layton, Allerton, Wilsden, Hainworth, horton, and Denholme . He thus left the bulk of his property to his daughter Rosemund, wife of Sir Richard Tempest, although he had a son , Edward, by his second wife, who succeeded him in the Chellow estates, which comprised the manor of Chellow, and a substantial residence.

 Source: Unknown

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