My Heart For Kentucky

Breathitt County Map

From the very first conversation I ever had with my Nanny about Kentucky and the “mountain people” of my kinfolk as she called it. I have always been fascinated with the beauty and stories of Southeastern Kentucky.

I guess knowing that I had such a huge family of earlier settlers in that area, brings the local area to a special place in my heart. The small counties of Breathitt, Jackson, Leslie, Clay and surrounding area’s are filled with the stories of the  Bolling//Bowling, Spicer’s, Bakers, Amis, Cornett, Sizemore, Pennington and many, many more surnames.

I am reading an amazing book now, written by Jess Wilson. “When They Hanged the Fiddler”. I thought when I bought it that it was merely the story of one of my ancestors, Isaac Callahan who was hung for the murder of David Newberry in 1817. The book is full of stories from local folks in the surrounding area’s and towns of Kentucky.

I find myself researching in this area a lot. I love maps, data, census records and especially photos of both people and places.



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