18th Century Virginia Newspapers on Various Bolling’s

18th-Century Virginia Newspapers
(Please note there are grammatical errors that I have not changed due to authenticity of the article.)
the ex., William STARK and Alexander BOLLING, at the late dwelling house of Col. Robert BOLLING on Appomattox River (VG 12 Dec 51)
BOLLING, Robert Esq., a rep for Dinwiddie Co., died (VGPu 3 Mar 75 sup, VG 4 Mar 75)
BOLLING, Col. Robert, one of the delegates for Buckingham, d. suddenly last Fri. in Richmond (VGPu 28 Jul 75, VG 29 Jul 75), Thomas FLEMING adv that claims are to be brought to Col. William FLEMING or Archibald BOLLING Esq. (VG 6 Apr 76)
BOLLING, Col. Robert Jr., late of Buckingham Co., dec d, Powhatan BOLL1NG, (nfl) asks that persons who borrowed his books return them (VGRMA 10 Jul 94)
BOLLING, Robert, of Petersburg, mar. Miss Sally WASHINGTON, dau. of Lawrence WASHINGTON Sr., Esq., on Thurs. the 1st inst. at Mount Pleasant in Geo. Co (VHFFA 13 Sep 96, RCFPC 14 Sep 96, RMA 17 Sep 96)
BOLLING, Sally, cons of Robert BOLLING Esq. of Petersburg and dau of Lawrence WASHINGTON of Kg. Geo. Co., d. in Richmond on Sat. eve, last, the 1st inst., after a short illness; she had mar. Robert BOLLING on the 1st ult. and was taken sick at Richmond on her way to Petersburg (RMA 4 Oct 96, VGPI 4 Oct 96, VGGA 5 Oct 96, VHFFA 7 Oct 96)
BOLLING, Capt. Samuel, of Fairfax Co • d on Sun night, 16 Dec, in his 33rd year [obit.] (TAA 20 Dec 98)
BOLLING, Mrs. Sarah, spouse to Archibald BOLLING Esq. of Goochland, died (VG 22 Apr 73)
BOLLS, William, Negro, shoemaker, jailed in Middlesex Co (VGP 21 Sep 75) BOLTON, William, appr , c 19, ran away from James GARDNER, carpenter, Wmsbrg. (VG 19 Aug 73)
BOND, Benjamin, miller, c 40, and Paul PRICE, a baker, 1920, svts belonging to John MITCHELSON of Virginia, broke out of jail in New Bern [NC], they ran away some time ago from Virginia (NCG [7] Jul 53)
BOND, Richard, mar. Miss Polly GRAHAM, dau of John GRAHAM, in Alexandria (VJAA 20 Sep 87)
BOND, Thomas, HCC, 20 Mar 97, between William Ward BURROWS and Polly his wife, David EASTON and Sarah his wife, which sd Polly and Sarah are daus. of Thomas BOND dec’d, and Jane. BOND widow and relict of the sd. Thomas BOND (pltfs ) and Alexander GIBBONY, James MORGAN, and Joseph KELSO; it appears that GIBBONY is not an inhabitant. of this country (VGGA 3 May 97)
BOND, William, of Essex Co., .dec’d, his ex., Alexander SAUNDERS, will sell his 125 ac. tract whereon he lived within a mile of the Lower Church in Essex Co. (VG 12 Dec 77, VGPu 12 Dec 77)
BONIS, William, of [Alexandria], d. on 13th inst. at Baltimore (CMAG 16 Jun 96) IBONIZJ, John, weaver and dyer, 4550, escaped from jail in Frederick Town [Md.] (VGWA 1 May 90)
BONNA (also given, as BONNAUND), new Negro form a place called Bonnaund in the Iligibo country in Africa, ran away from Richard BOOKER, Chesterfield Co. (VG and VGR 24 Dec 72)
BOOKER Family, HCC, 15 May 92; Richard Marriott BOOKER .Surv. ex. of Richard BOOKER deed (pltf) against William TAYLOR, Benjamin LANKFORD and Hennetta his wife who was the widow of [name missing], Josep[h] SCOTT and Elizabeth his wife, William DIX and Rebecca Marriott his wife, and Richard Edward BOOKER, the ed. Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Richard are cliii and devisees in the will named of Edward BOOKER dec’d, and John EISDALE adnir with the will annexed of the sd Edward BOOKER dec d, Frances BOOKER wid of Parham BOOKER dec’d, and William PRICE and Susanna his wife, Richard BOOKER, and James BOOKER, the sd. Susanna, Richard, and James are chil. and devisees of the sd. Parham BOOKER; William Marshal BOOKER, and John BOOKER (VGGA 30 Jan 93)

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