Bowlings & Baker Family Connections!

Recently dove into the Baker Family doing some research of the connections between the two
families, and wow…. They go back a long Way! I had hit a brick wall with Benjamin Bowling Sr, without proof if he was a descendant to Col. Robert Bolling. I found another connection with his daughter Mollie Bowling who married Andrew Baker. This ties me by blood through Jason Walker Bowling. He was the son of Jesse B. Bowling and Susan Baker. (They were not married).


One thought on “Bowlings & Baker Family Connections!

  1. Lea Myers

    My name is Neva Lea Myers, I am the daughter of Norma Jean Blanchard who is the daughter of Helen Hope Hampton Blanchard, who is the daughter of Lucinda Lee Bowling Hampton Anderson who is the daughter of Jason Walker Bowling. My mother has spent almost all of her life doing Bowling research and she would enjoy visiting with you. She is 89 years old and does not compute, therefore I am going to give you her address: Jeannie Blanchard, 205 S. School,
    Sedan, Kansas 67361. If you wish to send her your phone number, she will call you.

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