The Bowling Name in History (Facts about our name.)

Facts, Facts, and more Facts.
1840- 110 Bowling families with most living in Kentucky.
97 Bowling land patents, were issued from the federal government between 1832 and 1904.
Civil War 1861-1865: 163 Bowling Union Solders and 358 Confederate Soldiers.
1880- Top Bowling US Occupations: keeping house, farmer, laborer, at home, farm laborer.
1881 England: Most Bowling residents lived in Lancashire and Yorkshire counties
1900: 1,700 Bowling Families with most living in Kentucky and an average household size of 5.34
World War I: 1914-1918, 1565 Bowling draft registrants, with most registering from Kentucky
1920: 1,844 Bowling household of which 44% owned a home, 70% of the individuals were literate.
World War II: 1939-1945, 895 Bowling soldiers jointed the US Army.
Today: Most Bowling families live in Kentucky and Ohio.
From 1821 to 1948 most Bowling immigrants to the US came from England, Ireland, and Canada.
Most Bowling Veterans are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
Most Bowling Immigrants to the US arrived in 1945. 
The Queen Mary is the most common ship that Bowling Immigrants sailed on.
The largest port that Bowling’s left from was located in Liverpool, England with 141 total.
Life Expectancy and Causes of Death
Most common causes of Bowling deaths from 1850 to 1880: Consumption 15.8%, Meningitis 7.9%, Croup 5.3%, Measles 5.3%. In 1900 the life expectancy for white males 46.6, white females 48.7.
All Facts taken from the Bowling Name in History by Ancestry.


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